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St Chad’s Church in Wales Voluntary Aided School accepts pupils between the ages of 3 and 11 years of age.

As a Church in Wales Voluntary Aided School, the Governing Body of the school is responsible for the admission of pupils. Applications can be made on-line at following the link to school admissions. Paper application forms can be obtained from Contact Wrexham, 16 Lord Street, Wrexham, LL11 1LG, for those parents who do not have an email address. The timescale of the Local Authority (LA) admission timetable is followed for the processing of applications.

School Admission Arrangements Timetable

Will follow the Wrexham Local Authority timetable.

The School Standards and Framework Act 1998 require LA’s and Governing Bodies to admit pupils up to the school’s admission number (AN) which is 13.

Late applications

The school will consider late applications in cases where a viable reason is given. These include when a single parent has been ill for some time, or a family has just moved into the area, or is returning from abroad provided applications are received before offers of places are made.

Parents will receive written notification of all admissions applications

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Pupils are admitted to the Nursery, which is part of our Early Years class in the academic year in which they are four - i.e. any child who is three by the 31st August can be admitted in September. Nursery provision is a statutory entitlement but it is not compulsory. Parents have no right of appeal under the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 if unsuccessful in gaining a place. Admission to Nursery does not guarantee admission to Reception; if a child has a place in our Nursery the appropriate application form for admission into Reception must be submitted within the prescribed timescale of the annual admissions round.

Pupils are admitted to Reception in the academic year in which they are five, i.e. any child who attains the age of four by 31st August can be admitted in September. A parent can defer their child’s entry until the term following their fifth birthday.

"Looked after children" or "previously looked after children" are a priority. In the case of oversubscription, these children will be admitted before all others except those with a statement of special education needs naming the school.

Children from the Gypsy traveller community or travelling groups will be treated in accordance with Welsh Assembly Government Circular No: 003/2008 "Moving Forward - Gypsy Traveller Education".

The school will not discriminate between boys and girls, or against applicants on the basis of race, colour, nationality or national or ethnic origin.

Oversubscription Criteria

The Governors have agreed that in the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of places available, then the following criteria will be applied in the order set out below, to decide which pupils to admit.

  • Looked after children or previously Looked After Children who are baptised members of the Church in Wales
  • Other looked after children and previously looked after children
  • Pupils with a sibling who will continue to be at the school in September 2016 (see definition of sibling in the section of the policy marked "Definitions")
  • Pupils whose home address is within the ecclesiastical parish boundaries of Hanmer (a map showing the ecclesiastical parish boundaries of Hanmer is available at the school and/or on the school website)
  • Pupils whose parents (see definition) attend St Chad’s Church Hanmer
  • Pupils whose parents (see definition) attend another Anglican Church and for whom this is the nearest Aided School
  • Pupils whose parents (see definition) are active members of a non-Anglican Christian denomination and for them this is the nearest Church School
  • Pupils whose parents are active members of another faith and also express a desire for a Church School education

Please note, any child for whom the school is named in a statement of special educational needs will be admitted before the application of oversubscription criteria.

For criteria e-h governors will seek information about the frequency of attendance at services and degree of involvement in the work of the church and confirmation of these details from the local priest or minister. A supplementary information form for this purpose is available from the school.

Tie Breaker

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Within each category those living nearest to the school are accorded higher priority. This is measured using a safe walking route. The distances are calculated by use of the Local Authority Geographical Information System (GIS) which accurately measures the distance from the home address to the school. This will be measured from front door of home to the nearest school gate. If distances are equal, as calculated by GIS, for example a flat in a block of dwellings with the same front door entrance, a differentiation by floor level will be used.


In the event of the school refusing admission to a child, parents have the right to appeal (except at nursery level, which is non-statutory).

Such an appeal should be addressed to the Chair of the Governors.