Mrs Owens

11/03/24Mrs Owens

I have the extremely sad task of informing you of the death of Mrs Lisa Owens. She has been a teacher at St Chad’s for over four years.
Our sincere condolences and thoughts are with her husband Kevin, children, Kacey and Finley and the rest of her family at this sad time.

Lisa was a wonderful teacher, her commitment and dedication to the children and her love of learning has touched us all. She has given so much to the school and will be sadly missed by all, both as a colleague and as a friend in our St Chad’s family.

When someone dies it is normal for family and friends to experience many different emotions such as sadness and confusion, and young people can sometimes become quiet or withdrawn, seek the company of their immediate friends, or ask questions about the meaning and purpose of life, and the nature of death.

The school will offer counselling and support for all children and we will be working closely with Winston's wish.

Winston's Wish - giving hope to grieving children (